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How to rewrite/redirect properly :redirect parameter in Form Container


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In AEMaaCS, I have a form container that sends emails with set up with "Thank You Page" parameter, which gives me this component configuration:

  "redirect": "/content/mywebsite/form",
  "subject": "Hello",
  "sling:resourceType": "core/wcm/components/form/container/v2/container",
  "actionType": "foundation/components/form/actions/mail",
  "action": "/content/usergenerated/mywebsite/formcq-gen1642504415838/",
  "jcr:primaryType": "nt:unstructured",
  "from": "test@test.com",
  "mailto": "test123@test.com",
  "id": "form"

Now, when I submit the form, the form sents :redirect parameter as /content/mywebsite/form.html, so this is unmapped link (my JcrResourceResolverFactory settings will transform it to /form/). Finally, what is happening is the redirection returned to the browser leads to /content/mywebsite/form.html?status=200, which gives me 404 because I have different rewriting rules on dispatcher.

Is there a way to set up redirection properly? I see that the model does not map the redirect parameter whatsoever, should I add some configuration to the service that rewrites other parameters like a:href etc? I am worried this does not work well, because I have another parameter (:formstart) which should not be rewritten in my opinion.

Many thanks for your help!


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