How to prevent insertion of components into a page?



so I have the following setup (Netcentric ACL framework):

      - path: /content/staff/en

        permission: allow

        privileges: jcr:read,jcr:modifyProperties,jcr:removeNode,jcr:removeChildNodes,jcr:addChildNodes

        repGlob: '*/jcr:content*'

This allows me to edit, delete and add components into a page. If I remove "jcr:addChildNodes", I cannot add any new components into the page BUT this also removes my ability to edit/configure the components already in the page.

I am looking at this link and "jcr:addChildNodes" should only be about creating child nodes and not about editing existing content.

jcr:read: The privilege to retrieve a node and get its properties and their values.

  • jcr:modifyProperties: The privilege to create, remove and modify the values of the properties of a node.
  • jcr:addChildNodes: The privilege to create child nodes of a node.
  • jcr:removeNode: The privilege to remove a node.
  • jcr:removeChildNodes: The privilege to remove child nodes of a node.

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it? Thanks