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How to migrate deprecation of JWT then to oAuth


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Hi Team,


I'm on a process of migration from JWT to oAuth where when I go to Adobe IMS configuration I can see account related to Adobe Launch, adobe analytics, smart tags and Asset Compute.. So migration process is same as this article mentioned to all..not only one relevant to adobe target ? ? https://bymattlopes.com/integrating-aem-cloud-services-with-adobe-target-to-export-experience-and-co...


All the accounts are under AUTO PROVISIONED - what does this meant ? Adobe will be done the migration by them self ?


Technically, JWT to OAuth migration should not have any impact on existing functionality, the only change in migration is towards the authentication setup to generate "access_token"  and everything should be working as expected ?


Appreciate your inputs 


Thanks in advance !


@RajaShankar any inputs would be appreciated  ..!


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I think you are looking in the wrong place, you need to go to https://developer.adobe.com/console/projects as an administrator, and you will see all the projects that need to be migrated (see sc below).  


I recently migrated one I have for connecting AEM with Target, without issues. You can find more details here: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/en/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/content/security/setting... But if you have any further questions you can post it here as well.

Esteban Bustamante


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Hi @EstebanBustamante 

Thanks for the reply. I knew , developer console-> projects tab where we can tick the checkbox named "Has service Account(JWT) credential" in left side panel and get the projects having used JWT credential. There also I have one question..

1st question

As a screen shot you posted I can see some projects are displaying a tag "Attention required". But when I click on other projects and go inside, those projects also showing "Attention required". how we need to count which projects are seeking a migration from JWT to oAuth in that case ?

2nd Question 
I have projects which are using not only adobe target API some are using Cloud Manager , I/O Management, Experience Platform Launch API, CM pipeline Events , I/O Events, Adobe analytics ,  Adobe campaign, smart content, AEM brand portal etc... All the projects(with different APIs) having the same migration process ?


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@EstebanBustamante I have the same query, my projects are in AEM with Launch Configuration and AEM Smart Tagging Configuration along with Adobe target. Would the same migration work for all or do we need different setup for the other projects which are deprecated?



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