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How to maintain AEM Commerce Products in the multiple languages ?


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I am referencing the We.Retail reference implementation to see how the AEM Commerce Products can be available in multiple languages.

It is being implemented as following for any Product, as an example:





For a product, handling multiple Product details in multiple languages is very hard to manage and maintain.(say 50+ languages).


Can you please provide some suggestions considering AEM Commerce.


Thanks so much,


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Level 9

Hi Jay,

Generating & rollout of catalog should take care of your use case. Are you facing any issue in using it?  Can you elaborate with example how you are anticipating to make easy here ?



Level 2

Hi MC Stuff.

How can we manage the different languages in the product edit in we.retail?

I can see in the crx that there are products with some fields for more than one language but in the aem editor I cannot find a way to edit those other languages properties. I am using aem 6.2.

If you can help I would be very appreciated.



Level 1

Hi cduque89,

It's a pretty old thread, but here goes anyway: you can use the scaffolding option to edit these properties of the product template.