How to implement LiveStreaming in AEM 6.2 or 6.4

santhoshk392709 23-04-2019

Hi All,

It would be great if any one suggest how to implement Live Streaming (component) in AEM. I have done some google research but stuck at initiation.

please suggest technical requirements like media server, encoders, HTTP to HTTPs etc.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

santhoshk392709 26-04-2019

I have figured out the solution. And I have video js & media js files which are belongs to hosting server. Wondering can I place these files on the aem server level and consume in the htl page ??

like  <script src=""></script>

Answers (3)

Answers (3)


The link you mentioned Stream live media over HTTP  requires Adobe Media Server license. It depends on you to choose a hosting solution based on your requirements.

The links shared by Scott showcases how to create AEM components to plug & play a hosting solution url irrespective of the fact that you choose Adobe Media Server or Youtube or Wistia etc.

smacdonald2008 23-04-2019

This would require a custom component - it's not available of the box.

For example - assume you have a youtube for this manner:

Introduction to live streaming - YouTube Help

You can build a custom AEM component that can display this.

We have a HELXP article that shows you how to build a custom component that can render YouTube vid:

Creating an Experience Manager YouTube Component

So - to sum this up - this functionality would require a custom component. And we do not have a document for this specific use case.