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How to customize a page in CRXDE Lite ?


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Hi everyone,


I have some issues with my Adobe Experience Manager (6.3).
Currently, I have the default template:




My aim is to freely customize my template (make 3 columns or more, center an image) and link it to Adobe Campaign but I do not know the language to use.


With this default template, Adobe Campaign can recognize the page:



But when I try to modify it, either Adobe Campaign do not find it anymore or I lose the access to the component.


If I create a page in Adobe Experience Manager, it will be created a page under "content" in CRXDE Lite with all the default component (teaser, redirect, par, parLeft, parRight, footer). So I guess that if I want to make more column by default, I have to check in the CRXDE Lite.

I tried to analyze the relationship between the properties within the component (sling:ressourceType) but I only understand that the par component is linked to the parsys component in "mcm/campaign/components/parsys" and create automatically the default page.


I use Adobe Experience Manager 6.3.0 and Adobe Campaign Classic 7.0


Thank You for your help.

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