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How to bulid multi-repo for AEM Cloud Service, one repo for a site project, the other repo for another site project?


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Hi Guys,


We want to bulid two Git repo to manage two site project code, but in the official document, we only found the method to build two site projects in one Git repo, anyone knows about this?

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@fulongt37334138 It is not recommended to have multiple repo in adobe cloud. Rather you can have one single repo and have multiple tenants in the single repo. We are currently using the same structure. Below will be the structure


Tenant 1

Tenant 2


Parent pom.xml


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@fulongt37334138  No from my knowledge. 


But a way where you can use separate environments for the repo's you can. But you can not have 2 repo's in 1 environment. 


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Hi @fulongt37334138 ,


You can have multiple repositories in Cloud Manager Git.



The real trick here is the deployment, with every Cloud Manager build your other project code will get overwritten.


There are several ways to support multiple tenancies on AEM Cloud:-


1.) Make use of the Git submodule as multiple Repo. are supported, you can include one project in other through Gitsubmodule which would deploy both sites at runtime. https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/content/implementing/using-... 


2.) Create a single maven project with both the site project as child modules.


For a detailed explanation, and to decide on the strategy I would recommend you check a blog post by one of our colleagues.



Hope this helps!