How to add custom properties when asset metadata save action happens in touch-ui




I have a requirement to add additional properties for assets while metadata editor Save & Close action happens. The additional properties are created via a servlet. So I'm searching the path and js of this Save & Close action to call my servlet. Please help with this if anyone comes across this kind of requirement. 

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Metadata editor JS is /libs/dam/gui/coral/components/admin/metadataeditor/clientlibs/metadataeditor/js/metadataeditor.js.

Metadata is updated with the below request on click of save and close button

Screenshot 2019-11-28 at 22.13.46.png

Adobe suggested way of adding more metadata is to
1. create metadata profile with the properties, (Metadata Profiles )
2. apply it on the asset folder,
3. update metadata schema and map the fields to the new fields (Metadata Schemas )

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