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How the building block is available to edit in page while im using in experience fragments?


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Hi all,


      I'm creating a button building block in container and the container(core component) in experience fragment

which im using reference in myTemplate by creating page using myTemplate there building block editing is available when page in editor.html mode.
    Comparing to WKND site same things i replicated but still issue not found can any one help me sharing your code or experience on this issue.

WKND page screen shot in edit mode.



My page Screen shot while in edit mode.


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Hi @sandhyar7811290 ,


Are you getting any error on the page?

Also, Can you please also check permissions for that path.



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Hi chitra-madan, No there is no errors. Can you elaborate this "check permissions for that path"?


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1. Just select more than one component just to create building block in experience fragment. (Use Ctrl key to select the component block)

2. Now from the components toolbar select Convert to building block option. (Icon with box-like structure)

3. Set some name for that building block.

4. now click on the sidebar icon, you will notice your building block is now created.

5. Now you can use the this building block by dragging into layout container or parsys of experience fragment.

6. Now you use this XF path using XF component on your respected page.

Please go through this video for more clarification 



Doc Link: https://docs.adobe.com/content/help/en/experience-manager-65/authoring/authoring/experience-fragment...


Please let me know if you need more help with this. I am happy to help.

Thanks & Regards,



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Hi surajkamdi96205,


       Im not asking about how to create building block in experience framents .while im creating building block in experience fragments its giving option to edit in page which im using experience fragments path. please see the screen shot carefully thanks for your reply