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How do I view a component's dialog in a livecopy without cancelling inheritance?


Level 4

In AEM 6.3 Touch mode, where a blueprint has been rolled out to a livecopy page, a component on the livecopy cannot be edited unless one cancels inheritance for that component. I understand this is by design, but is there a way in the livecopy to open the component's dialog to see how it is configured without having to do one of the following actions:

  1. Cancel inheritance
  2. Go back to the blueprint page to open the component's dialog
  3. Switch to classic mode to open the component's dialog

Is there a way to open a Touch dialog in read-only mode? Has anyone thought about how one could implement such a feature?

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When you open the page for edit you can change the mode from edit to developer mode where you can see much more details about the components.



Level 4

The developer mode does give some high level info about the livecopy's components, but it doesn't allow one to open the touch dialog for any of the components. My authors want to open the livecopie's touch dialogs in read-only mode so they can understand how its components are configured.

What I think I need to do is add an extra button to the component toolbar that opens the touch dialog in a way that prevents the author from saving any changes. Perhaps as the dialog opens, a new javascript would remove the Checkmark ("Done") button so the author can't save any changes.