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How can we create a Path Browser widget using Coralui3 API?


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In reference to Documentation | CoralUI , we have the procedure to create Coral Textfield, Text Area and various other widgets. But, I have a requirement to create Path Browser widget the same way. Can someone please help me out in this regards.



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See this HELPX Article - we show you how to use these common granite types while developing AEM Components.

Building Experience Manager Components using Granite/Coral Resource Types



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Hi smacdonald2008,

I am not looking for a solution using resourceType but by using js.

Eg : to create a textfield we can use -

var textfield = new Coral.Textfield().set({});

In a similar way do we have any method to create pathbrowser?



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Could you share more details about your use case? Do you plan to use the same in a dialog or some custom component?

You may follow OOB pathbrowser source code, copy its js code to achieve what you want.