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Headless Development for AEM Sites as a Cloud Service by Adobe


Learn how AEM as a Cloud Service’s powerful headless capabilities like Content Models, Content Fragments, and the GraphQL API work together to enable you to manage your experiences centrally and serve them across channels.

Headless implementation is increasingly becoming important for delivering experiences to your audience is, wherever they are and regardless of channel.

Headless implementation forgoes page and component management as is traditional in full stack and hybrid solutions and focuses on the creation of channel-neutral, reusable fragments of content and their cross-channel delivery. It is a modern and dynamic development pattern for implementing web experiences.

Comparing Headful and Headless
This document focuses on the full headless implementation model of AEM. However headful versus headless need not be a binary choice in AEM. Headless features can be used to manage and deliver your content to a variety of endpoints while also enabling your content authors to edit single page applications. All in AEM.

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Headless Development for AEM Sites as a Cloud Service


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