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Getting Started with Universal Editor in AEM: A Comprehensive Guide



Hello AEM Community!

In this guide, "Getting Started with the Universal Editor in AEM," we dive deep into the core steps to seamlessly integrate and leverage this tool to its fullest potential. This guide covers essential onboarding steps, including requesting access, library inclusion, OSGi configurations, and page instrumentation. You can access the documentation here: Getting Started with the Universal Editor in AEM.


The guide covers essential aspects, including:

1. Requesting Access to the Universal Editor: Before diving into the technical integration, let's ensure you have the right access to the Universal Editor. Learn how to request access and kickstart your journey.

2. Including the Universal Editor Core Library: Understand how to incorporate the Universal Editor Core Library into your AEM app. This step is fundamental for smooth integration and utilization.

3. Configuring OSGi Settings for Seamless Integration: Explore the necessary OSGi configurations to optimize the use of the Universal Editor within AEM. We guide you through key settings for a flawless integration experience.

4. Instrumenting the Page for Enhanced Functionality: Unlock the full potential of the Universal Editor by effectively instrumenting your app's pages. Learn how to create connections and attribute schemas for a cohesive editing experience.

Example Connections: Get a glimpse of how HTML Microdata can be utilized to establish connections and enable seamless editing within your app.


Feel free to explore the guide and share your thoughts, questions, or experiences with the community. Are there specific challenges you've faced or innovative solutions you've implemented? Let's spark a dialogue and collectively maximize the potential of the Universal Editor in AEM. Looking forward to engaging in discussions and collaborative knowledge sharing!


Read Full: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/content/universal-editor/ge... 

Kautuk Sahni
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