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Getting Started with AEM Sites - Quick Site Creation by Adobe


Learn how to use a low-code approach to create your first site in Adobe Experience Manager with Quick Site Creation and a pre-defined Site Template. Use out-of-the-box components and templates to quickly get a site up and running. Use an Adobe XD driven theming workflow to apply brand-specific styles and customizations with just CSS and JavaScript. Recommended for new projects and developers.

AEM as a Cloud Service Environment
The steps in this tutorial will take place in an Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service environment. Ensure that you have administrative access to the AEM environment. It is recommended to use a Sandbox program and Development environment when completing this tutorial.

Next Steps
A step-by-step tutorial walks through the implementation of an AEM site for a fictitious lifestyle brand the WKND using the Quick Site Creation feature.

What are you waiting for?! Start the tutorial by navigating to the Create Site chapter and learn how to generate a new Adobe Experience Manager project using a Site Template.

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Getting Started with AEM Sites - Quick Site Creation


Please use this thread to ask the related questions.

Kautuk Sahni
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Level 3

Thanks for initiating this thread. Below are few questions from my side - 


1. Is the theme provided by Adobe here - https://github.com/adobe/aem-site-template-standard, ready and allowed to be used in Production for launching client websites?

2. In addition to above, are there any other templates available anywhere that can be used for Production websites?

3. The videos and the documentation only shows the steps until Publishing of the website created by theme, however, we know that it takes more than that to launch an actual site on AEM like mapping configs, dispatcher configs etc. So, backend development (configurations) are definitely required and its not a fully backend-free approach. Isn't it?

4. Is there any documentation anywhere listing all the remaining config that will be required to actually launch a site using this quick site template approach?