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Getting Started with AEM Headless - GraphQL by Adobe Docs


AEM’s GraphQL APIs for Content Fragments
supports headless CMS scenarios where external client applications render experiences using content managed in AEM.

A modern content delivery API is key for efficiency and performance of Javascript-based frontend applications. Using a REST API introduce challenges:

Large number of requests for fetching one object at a time
Often “over-delivering” content, meaning the application receives more than it needs
To overcome these challenges GraphQL provides a query-based API allowing clients to query AEM for only the content it needs, and to receive using a single API call.

AEM GraphQL vs. AEM Content Services
AEM GraphQL APIs AEM Content Services
Schema definition Structured Content Fragment Models AEM Components
Content Content Fragments AEM Components
Content discovery By GraphQL query By AEM Page
Delivery format GraphQL JSON AEM ComponentExporter JSON

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Getting Started with AEM Headless - GraphQL


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