Fundamentals of eCommerce Connector








Hi All,

I am stuck with the fundamentals of eCommerce Connector.

1. What is the difference in work between integrating AEM with any eCommerce engine directly and that using Connector? What is the advantage? Any effort reduction?

2. I am hearing "Connector will save time to import data in AEM from any eCommerce". Is it true?

3. One advantage I see is that if we use connector, integration becomes eCommerce engine agnostic, in that we could replace the underneath eCommerce engine with another, without changing code at connector level.

Pl confirm.

4. Is it that if we use connector, we need to implement some functions on AEM?

5. And these functions are implemented by Adobe for some products like Hybris and not for others?

6. Does that mean that connecting Hybris using Connector, we do not need any more coding?

7. For connecting Oracle Commerce using Connector, the implementation does not exist and we need to implement them?

8. At a high level, what are the steps for connecting Oracle Commerce using Connector?

I agree that it is all requirements specific.

But, I am referring to a typical use case.

9. As a part of this, do I have to cater for development/configuration of any Templates and Workflows?

10. An architectural diagram depicting the architecture of integration of AEM with Commerce using Connector, with responsibilities bifurcated between developer ,Connector and eCommerce Engine vendor clarifies a lot.

Apologies for this number of questions.

Appreciate your support.