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Functional testing set date property.


Level 2

Hi All,


How to set date property to a component in functional testing .

I have extending the AbstractComponent and i able to set String properties but not date. appriciate your help.


testcomponent comp = new Banner(componentclient, xfPath,"/master/jcr:content/root/testcomponent", "testcomponent");



Not able to set 

banner.setProeprty("date", date);



Thanks in advance.


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Community Advisor

Please try the below


Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance(TimeZone.getTimeZone("GMT"));





It is not working.

In AbstractComponent class there is no method like -->  setProperty(string, calendar). 

I have created new one but no luck.

public void setDateProperty(String name, Calendar calendar) {



API :  com.adobe.cq.testing.client.ComponentClient;

Thanks in advance.