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Front-End Adventures in AEM: Part III by Stories by Benjamin Solum on Medium


In Parts I and II, I wrote about Clientlibs and then how they’re composed. In Part III, I want to get back to the markup and talk in-depth about AEM’s HTML Template Language or “HTL”, which is often referred to as Sightly. I’ll also be referring to HTL as Sightly for the rest of the series to avoid confusion with “HTML”. This part includes tips on working within Sightly, common Front-End gotchas working with Sightly, and loading our Clientlibs within our templates.

As a reminder, this article series is broken into several parts as seen below. Feel free to jump around to the parts that seem interesting to you and please feel free to ask any questions you have about the material covered.
*note* — This article series is written with AEM 6.4 and 6.5 in mind but the concepts should apply to future versions and even some older (6.2) Touch UI versions.
*note* — Adobe is notorious for moving their documentation around and their helpx docs and forums often have broken links. I’ll occasionally link to their docs so if the links stop working let me know and I’ll try and update the article.

Sightly Syntax
Sightly’s documentation can be found here and it’s definitely a must-read for the first time Sightly author. You can also download an installable REPL to play around within your local environment.
Instead of regurgitating all of the information found in the documentation, I instead want to contrast Sightly with features from other common templating frameworks/languages. Sightly is a step-up from working with JSP but it also leaves a lot to be desired in comparison to the competition.

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Front-End Adventures in AEM: Part III


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