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Form filling / signing & enabling extended features in Reader ( all versions)


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As of 1st January 2023  I understand that support for various versions of Acrobat have been terminated.

( Despite still being functional)

I have Acrobat v9 Professional extended edition and now find it is useless as I can no longer Enable Extended forms for Acrobat Reader (in all its guises).

The form was designed in Livecycle but when I open it in V9 it will NOT allow me to enable extended features, this has been working just fine for a decade or more and is now becoming a headache, I do not need to "Distribute Forms" as such as they are sent out individually upon request and sent back to me as email attachments

I find it Draconian that I must now pay over $400 a year ad infinitum to do the same as my existing software could do and still could for the initial investment (which was not cheap).

I use 1 form which is filled in & signed by 40 people , 6 times a year. 

This is yet another example of being held to ransom for no real purpose other than to create a larger revenue stream.

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Do you mean when you open the form in Designer V9?

This article has information on the impact of expiring Reader Extension Credential


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Thanks for the quick response

The Form I use was designed in Livecycle  Designer ES ( As a Template )

Then saved once dates are edited for different events as a Static PDF each with a new file name ( I have tried Dynamic and found that for whatever reason most people have issues with opening the file using older & newer versions of acrobat reader) This is Bye the bye no not terribly relevant

So for the last 10 years or so Static has been the go-to.

I email the file they save it , they open it , complete the form , save it again as their details and then email it back as an attachment ... Sweet no issues!

Now for reasons only known to Adobe I can no longer enable the pdf  Extended Features to the form when opened in Acrobat 9 Pro Extended. ( Advanced/extend features in reader )

It says that the form can not be Reader enabled and no matter how I try it will not allow this to happen.( Even when created with a new file name instead of overwriting the existing file like I have been doing for a decade )

What annoys me most is that there is little reason to make this version incapacitated as it basically forces a user to go to a subscription based "Updated Version" with a not insignificant ongoing cost forever and a day.

Small organizations are not a bottomless pit of funds.  




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Yes thank you, I know HOW to extend the features but now the software will not allow this to be done it keeps giving the error message "This document could not be reader enabled" 

It will not allow any document to be reader enabled