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folder structure in audiences console


Level 1

1. Below url is showing the segments which are under "/conf/we-retail/settings/wcm/segments"


2. created a folder under /conf/we-retail/settings/wcm/segments with properties similar to we-retail.

3. On navigating to subfolder, it is showing settings folder instead of showing segments which are under /conf/we-retail/settings/wcm/segments/<subfolder>/settings/wcm/segments

http://localhost:4502/libs/cq/personalization/touch-ui/content/v2/audiences.html/conf/we-retail/sett... http://localhost:4502/libs/cq/personalization/touch-ui/content/v2/audiences.html/conf/we-retail-1/se...

Is there any property need to set or configuration required to achieve it?

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You should be able to point to your custom configuration by setting "Configuration" on a page Properties -> Advanced tab


Level 1

Thanks Berliant,

I was not referring to page. I was trying to create a folder structure under audiences.


Under the personalization/audiences