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facebook login through website not working--authentication failed error


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i am trying to login on facebook though my website.

on aem side, i have followed all steps-->Social Login with Facebook and Twitter

on facebook side, i have added app details, facebook login as product.

i am not understanding what should be value of "Valid OAuth redirect URIs" field under facebook login

currently i have passed only website url. like "https://www.abcd.com"

from my website-->

it is asking me login details--> and ends up with authentication failed error

but when i try normal login in other tab it works. but no user is created  at aem side.

i am getting below status error 403 when it gives authentication failure error


kindly let me know what else needs to be added.

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Level 10

We are checking with the team on this.



Valid OAuth redirect URIs - It should be the valid URL to your web app. If its running on localhost:4503 it should be http://localhost:4503. if your instance is running and being accessed https://www.abcd.com ,  it should be  https://www.abcd.com.

if you are accessing your instance via ip:port address it should be a valid http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxx ip:port address.

Error 403 means there is a mismatch in redirect URI where FB wants you to redirect and where (the instance) you are doing OAuth.


Level 4


thanks for update.

i changed url and authentication error is gone.

but now i am getting error as


i have provided all necessary access information in fb configuration.


same i have added in adobe granite oauth app provider

let me know what else needs to be added.


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Hi, were you able to enable twitter login?

Facebook is working for me but twitter is just not working at all.