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Experience with Adobe-AEM Certification by Aemtutorial Blog


Recently I had appeared for AEM Certification exam and thought I will share my experience with you all.

How did I register for exam?
I went through the AEM certification site and registered my-self choosing a date - A convenient date when I can make myself completely free.
- There were two options, PSI and Examity. I have chosen one.
- Due to the COVID lock-down, majority of the exams are happening online

Procedures on exam day.

The exam notification email said, I can login to the exam system half an hour before. Since this was the first experience, I logged into the system 1 hour before.

System Checks: The exam site asked me to install a secure browser, once installed they do check system requirements. They do a set of checks like system resources, camera, internet speed, browser used etc.

Check-in Personal Information: Once that is done, I was asked to take a pic of 1) Myself 2) my government issued ID 3) and a video scan of my room by rotating laptop around, including the desk where laptop was placed.

Once those files are checked into the system, I was asked to wait for the scheduled time.

My recommendation here: If you are confident enough about your system, internet etc, login just half an hour before the exam - else you will have to wait a lot.

You can even disconnect and login back, but since camera was on, i did not attempt that.

Waiting for proctor
Now my scheduled time came. I had scheduled exam at 10 AM. But I was still getting message like 'Your exam will start once proctor joins on the scheduled time'. It went on for 10 minutes. I saw an option to chat with the executive. I pinged executive via the chat option. Even to connect the customer care executive - it took some time.

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Experience with Adobe-AEM Certification


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I have taken AEM Architect exam 3 days back. 

Though you login 30 minutes or 1 hour before, exam screen will be enable 15 before the exam and Proctor will be joined 10 min before the exam. 

There are some more prerequisite along with above once. 

  • No mobiles in exam area. 
  • No headphones. 
  • Not allowed to change the place
  • System should be connected to power source 
  • Clear desk and alone in room. 
  • No application should be running in system and proctor do the verification before the exam starts. 

Overall pretty good and well processed.