Experience Fragment Variation Page Create Button is Not Enabled.



While creating Experience Fragment Variation Page having validation issue.


In variation page I have 7 fields in that Field 1, 6 and 7 are mandatory fields




Field 6 is -> Tag Field (cq/gui/components/coral/common/form/tagfield)
Field 7 is -> Select Field (granite/ui/components/foundation/form/select)


Whenever I select Field 6 value , we are populating Field 7 value by default

The problem what I am facing is after selecting all the 3 field values "Create" button is not enabled

Reason for this


1) Once I select Field 6 Value immediately its calling validations.js from AEM libs


registry.register("foundation.validation.validator", {

selector: "input, textarea, select",
validate: function(element) {

This code is checking field 7 values is selected or not , based on values its returning true or false.

2) We have code to populate Field 7 values based on Field 6 value

$tagList.on('coral-collection:add', function (event) {
//code to select field 7 value based on field 6 value



3) Before calling our "coral-collection:add" function its calling AEM libs validation,
so by that time still field 7 value not selected so AEM libs method returning false .
After that our add method calling and selecting value for Field 7. Because of this "Create" button is not enabling


   First calling -> AEM validation method 

   Second Calling -> Customized method

Is there any event listeners that calls before AEM valdiation?

or Any Idea to solve this Issue?


Thanks In Advance .

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Accepted Solutions (1)





I did not think you can change that without tweaking OOTB validation.js

But you can enable the create button from your code when everything(field 6 or 7 or may be others) is valid.

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