Exclude list in aem workflow launcher not working




Hi Experts, I have created a workflow and triggering that using launcher. I only want to trigger the workflow when author are modifying tags present in page property or one of the property common property present on all the components. Currently I am observing that a workflow is getting triggered on each page edit which I want to avoid. I have added the exclude list to exclude with below value jcr:lastModified,jcr:lastModifiedBy,event-user-data:changedByWorkflowProcess I have copied this from other OOTB launcher, but this is not working.

Also any other suggestion how I can only trigger workflow on modification of particular property on each component present on page. I am aware of custom jcr listener implementation but i don't want to use it as it is not a queue and possible can be missed.

As a initial idea I am thinking of storing the property under a new node for each component so that I can restrict is using path ./custom/propertyName