Error while replicating few pages in AEM 6.3



We recently migrated from AEM 6.1 to 6.3. Activated all the content pages in staging using Activate tree. But found few pages are not replicated to publish.

Tried replicating the page individually it shows page has been published but I don't see them in publish instance. When I checked the replication logs I found below error.

26.10.2017 06:29:36 - ERROR - publish2useast1 : Error while building replication content java.lang.NullPointerException

When I looked into error logs  I see below error.

26.10.2017 06:55:45.873 *ERROR* [ [1509015345838] POST /bin/replicate.json HTTP/1.1] com.day.cq.replication.Agent.publish2useast1 Error while building replication content java.lang.NullPointerException

26.10.2017 06:55:45.873 *ERROR* [ [1509015345838] POST /bin/replicate.json HTTP/1.1] com.day.cq.replication.impl.ReplicatorImpl Error while building replication content.

java.lang.NullPointerException: null

at java.util.Objects.requireNonNull(Objects.java:203)

at java.util.Arrays$ArrayList.<init>(Arrays.java:3813)

at java.util.Arrays.asList(Arrays.java:3800)

at com.adobe.granite.comments.internal.CommentReplicationContentFilterFactory$CommentReplicationContentFilter.accepts(CommentReplicationContentFilterFactory.java:100)

at com.day.cq.replication.impl.ReplicationContentFilterChainImpl.accept(ReplicationContentFilterChainImpl.java:64)

at com.day.cq.replication.impl.content.durbo.DurboContentBuilder.write(DurboContentBuilder.java:492)

at com.day.cq.replication.impl.content.durbo.DurboContentBuilder.write(DurboContentBuilder.java:442)

at com.day.cq.replication.impl.content.durbo.DurboContentBuilder.create(DurboContentBuilder.java:265)

at com.day.cq.replication.impl.content.durbo.DurboContentBuilder.create(DurboContentBuilder.java:141)

at com.day.cq.replication.impl.ServiceTrackerImpl$ContentBuilderWrapper.create(ServiceTrackerImpl.java:257)

at com.day.cq.replication.impl.AgentImpl.buildContent(AgentImpl.java:369)

at com.day.cq.replication.impl.AgentImpl.buildContent(AgentImpl.java:345)

I tried by creating a new page with the same template and replicated it and it is successful. So the issue is not with the template that is used to create the page.

Did anyone else face the same issue?





This may be an upgrade bug. When we see strange issues like this from an upgraded AEM instance - something may have gone wrong during the upgrade process. I recommend opening a support ticket to see if you require a hotfix.




If you are logged in as admin - therefore have permissions and following replication docs - there still is a bug somewhere.




Looked into the issue and found the issue is because of a component "granite/comments/components/comment" under the page.

But when I looked for the component in /libs /apps I don't see it.

If I delete the component the page is replicated successfully.

I don't see the component in in  6.1 and 6.3 as well but in 6.1 pages are replicated successfully but in AEM 6.3 I am getting null pointer exception.




The root cause for the issue comments in sites.html and this is product bug

Steps to reproduce:

1) On a fresh AEM 6.3 instance open sites.html

2) Select any page for example /content/we-retail/ca/en/men

3) On the left side open timeline and post a comment.

4) Verify if the comment is available in crx/de.

5) Try to replicate the page. You can see the page is replicated message but actually, the page will not be replicated and you see null pointer exception in replication log and error logs as above.

This is the reason pages are not getting replicated.