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Error while creating workspace


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HI Friends,

    I am new to AEM and I tried to create a workspace through the "Content Re.pository Extreme 1.2.2 JSR-283 Compliant Repository", but I am unable to create it due to below error.

Error while creating workspace 'crx.aempoc': javax.jcr.UnsupportedRepositoryOperationException: OAK-118: Workspace.createWorkspace.

Please help me , thank you.

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what are you trying to achieve and how are you trying to create a workspace? In AEM6 we moved from the ability to create workspaces to only having a single workspace as the ability for multiple workspaces was I think, never used.




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In our project's code a workspace creation is used for a page version restoring. A page node is cloned, copied to the new workspace and needed revision (version) is restored without any affect on the current page node state.

The process is:

  1. new workspace is created (temporary)
  2. a page node cloned from current (working) workspace to the temporary workspace
  3. needed version (revision) of the page node is restored in the temporary workspace


How to restore a revision without changing a page node state?


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so you implemented your own custom versioning solution and relied on using different workspaces? I am not sure about the maturity of the workspace API in Oak, as experience has shown that it's rarely used. See also http://jackrabbit.apache.org/oak/docs/known_issues.html




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Hey Jorg,

Thank you for your answer.

That was not own custom versioning solution. A node was cloned to another workspace and restored in this workspace.

I found another solution where workspace creation is not required. Hence we can close this topic