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ERROR: Adobe AEM SDK Local WKND Demo says: Uncaught ReferenceError: authorNs is not defined


Level 2

i installed the latest aem_sdk: aem-sdk-2023.9.13665.20230927T063259Z-230800.zip on local windows.

i installed the latest wknd demo: aem-guides-wknd.all-3.2.0.zip


login with admin
when editing a page

adding a new image component.

click on image, click on Layout.

Move the blue right circle to the right for full width.

Move does not work.
Component Toolbar is not shown anymore.

JS Console says:

VM1244:1 Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: authorNs is not defined
at Object.eval [as condition] (eval at ns.util.sanitizeCQHandler (core.lc-ed3f79da12088386a42d5fde9c6836f5-lc.min.js:244:112), <anonymous>:1:21)
at core.lc-ed3f79da12088386a42d5fde9c6836f5-lc.min.js:338:197
at Array.filter (<anonymous>)
at constructor.getAvailableActions (core.lc-ed3f79da12088386a42d5fde9c6836f5-lc.min.js:338:64)
at constructor.render (core.lc-ed3f79da12088386a42d5fde9c6836f5-lc.min.js:329:368)
at ns.responsive.Toolbar.render (core.lc-ed3f79da12088386a42d5fde9c6836f5-lc.min.js:889:562)
at constructor.render (core.lc-ed3f79da12088386a42d5fde9c6836f5-lc.min.js:903:478)
at constructor.open (core.lc-ed3f79da12088386a42d5fde9c6836f5-lc.min.js:332:333)
at constructor.open (core.lc-ed3f79da12088386a42d5fde9c6836f5-lc.min.js:904:71)
at Object.<anonymous> (core.lc-ed3f79da12088386a42d5fde9c6836f5-lc.min.js:882:137)

This error is present also in Version: aem-sdk-2023.9.13420.20230907T185228Z-230800.zip
I did create a User in useradmin in Group Author and tried again. same error.
The Error is on different Browsers.

Reload of the Page is needed to have the Component Toolbar back.

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Community Advisor

Hello @thomass17080444 


Things look ok on aem-sdk-quickstart-2023.8.13173.20230818T110953Z-230702 with aem-guides-wknd.all-3.2.0.zip


  • Can you possibly try on a new September release  again?
  • If someone else also confirms on a September release, please report on https://github.com/adobe/aem-guides-wknd
  • Else try on older AEM SDK versions.

Aanchal Sikka


Level 2

i tried with fresh 2023.8.13173.20230818T110953Z and aem-guides-wknd.all-3.2.0.zip. Same Error
i tried with 2023.8.13173.20230818T110953Z and aem-guides-wknd.all-3.0.0.zip. Same Error.