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Enhance OOTB workflow


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Hello Community, I have a requirement to enhance the workflow options i.e If the user clicks the "manage publication" option from the menu, instead of taking the users to Manage Publication wizard directly, I need to show two options in the navigation, i.e the custom workflow option named "custom workflow" and "OOTB workflow". if the user clicks "custom workflow", we need to navigate the users to the publication wizard screen and "OOTB workflow" should take the users to OOTB publication wizard. Basically both custom as well as OOTB workflow should use the same options in the wizard. Custom should use custom workflow and OTTB should use OOTB workflow. Can someone tell me if this is feasible to implement and what kind of customization we need to implement?
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Well i am trying to understand your problem case here, you mean to say when user will click manage workflow you want to override default UI behavior from AEM and want to show to options ?? Can you put a snap of what you are referring ??


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@test1234567 Yeah I think we can implement this by overriding from the libs(/libs/cq/gui/components/common/admin/managepublication/clientlibs/managepublication/js/managepublication.js), and adding our custom implementation to use both OOTB and custom workflow options.