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Enforce naming convention for content fragment in AEMaaCS


Level 3

Env - AEM as a Cloud Service

There are a few inconsistencies with the new content fragment editor with the way it handles the name field. The name field is editable in the new editor but not in the existing assets editor. This is causing content authors to add all kinds of gibberish to the name field.


Because of the way our model APIs and search functions have been setup, I would like to enforce a lowercase rule for content fragments created using the new editor.


Does anyone know the file to override in libs to achieve this ?


If there is any other better way to achieve this let me know. I've tried SlingPostProcessor, ResourceChangeListener, etc. All of these act on property updates / addition etc but not when new resource is added.

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Community Advisor

Hello @subsul1 


Requesting you to please raise an Adobe ticket to inform them about the discrepancy. 


If possible, disable the name field in the "New Content Fragment" dialog, to avoid customization

Aanchal Sikka


Level 3

hey @aanchal-sikka can you share more insights on how i can disable the name field.
from what i can see, when i try to access the new content fragment screens, it takes me to some cloud based app.
it looks like the application is hosted independently.