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Enabling the Front-End Pipeline | AEM Community Blog Seeding




Enabling the Front-End Pipeline by Adobe Docs


Learn how you can enable the front-end pipeline for existing sites to leverage site themes to more quickly customize your site.

The front-end pipeline is a mechanism that can quickly deploy just the front-end code of your websites based on site themes and site templates.

Instead of deploying the full-stack, only front-end code is handled by this pipeline making the process faster and also allows front-end developers to easily and quickly customize your site without knowledge of AEM.

Sites based on site templates can leverage the front-end pipeline by default. This document describes how you can adapt your existing sites to take advantage of the front-end pipeline.

If you are not familiar with the front-end pipeline and how to quickly deploy sites using it and site templates, please review the Quick Site Creation journey for an introduction.

If you have not created your existing site based on site templates and themes, AEM can configure your site to load the themes that are deployed with the Front End Pipeline on top of the existing client libraries.

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Enabling the Front-End Pipeline


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