Enable pipeline trigger in Adobe campaign





We tried to enable pipeline process in Adobe campaign following below steps.



  1. Install pipeline package 
  2. Install OpenSSL in server to create public/private keys
  3. Generate  public/private keys
  4. Register public key in Adobe Analytics
  5. Encrypt Private key using pipeline encrypted workflow
  6. Modify pipeline tag with AppName and privatekey in serverConf.xml
  7. Make sure imsorg id is defined in in serverConf.xml
  8. Modify pipeline tag with AppName and privatekey in instance config.xml
  9. Restart pipeline service using command-Nlserver start pipelined@<instanceName>

Pipeline service was running in CMD but when I logged in Adobe campaign instance I can't see pipeline process is listed in Process list . Can anybody let me know why pipeline process is not listed in Home->Monitoring->ProcessList?




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