Editable Template Policy not getting updated with mode=merge in filter.xml

Hina29 24-09-2018


I am currently working on AEM 6.4. I have created my own project specific editable template




I have created a default policy for title component as below







In my filter.xml file i have allowed as below:

<filter root="/conf/project-xyz/settings/wcm/policies" mode="merge" />

When I am trying to deploy this policy, it is not getting updated in CRx/de.

If i remove mode=merge from filter.xml, This newly created policy for title gets deployed in Crx/de

<filter root="/conf/project-xyz/settings/wcm/policies" />

With mode=merge, the policy is not getting updated in Crx/de.

Any help will be really appreciated



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


filter elements

The filter elements are independent of each other and define include and exclude patters for subtrees. The root of a subtree is defined by the root attribute, which must be an absolute path.

The filter element can have an optional mode attribute which specified the import mode used when importing content. the following values are possible:

This is the normal behavior. Existing content is replaced completely by the imported content, i.e. is overridden or deleted accordingly.
Existing content is not modified, i.e. only new content is added and none is deleted or modified.
Existing content is updated, new content is added and none is deleted.

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