Editable Template Is taking Current Design as /etc/design/default



I am trying to set some Clientlibs via the design dialog of the template but its not picking the property. When I further tried to look into PageImpl of the Core bundle found that its reading from currentDesign 


protected void addPolicyClientLibs(List<String> categories) {
        if (currentStyle != null) {
            Collections.addAll(categories, currentStyle.get(PN_CLIENTLIBS, ArrayUtils.EMPTY_STRING_ARRAY));
clientLibCategoriesJsHead = currentStyle.get(PN_CLIENTLIBS_JS_HEAD, ArrayUtils.EMPTY_STRING_ARRAY);


 I tried printing on page currentDesign.path() and its results in /etc/designs/default 

I am not sure how we can take this from the policies. Is there something we need to do in order to get the clientlibs from the policy node?


I can see the policy node having the property clientlibs and clientlibsJsHead , but I believe it's not being picked as the currentDesign is still pointing to defalt design in /etc. And if I delete /etc/designs/default its picking /libs/settings/wcm/designs/default instead of picking from /conf/<project>/setting...policy