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ECID Migration with AEP Web SDK by JB Creusat


The Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK (AEP Web SDK) is now available and brings significant performance improvements but also changes in terms of data collection. One of the first questions is whether Visitor identification will be impacted. In this article, we will explain how the migration to the AEP Web SDK works and how to plan.

While the different libraries required by Adobe Analytics, Target and Audience Manager are being replaced by a single SDK, the Experience Cloud ID (ECID) remains as the way to identify your visitors. The VisitorAPI.js is no more longer required when you are using the AEP Web SDK. If you are using Adobe Launch, you will simply remove the ECID Extension and check the box for the ECID migration in your AEP Web SDK Extension.

One pre-requisite for this simple migration is that your implementation is fully on the ECID. If you are not sure, a first test is to compare Unique Visitors against Visitors with Experience Cloud ID. With Adobe Launch as a tag manager on all your pages, you control your code delivery and you can update your implementation. If Launch is not yet fully deployed, this should be your priority.

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ECID Migration with AEP Web SDK


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