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Duplicate URL when rolling down a page


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Hey guys, 


How do I get rid off a duplicate URL for the same page when rolling out the page, see screenshots


2 Exact URLs for the same page 




Getting an error message when selecting both URLs

Rolldown 2.0.png



Note: I am able to roll out the page content when I only select either of the two page URLs


Hope you guys can help .. 

Thank you 

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Is this happening for all the pages? Did you check the behavior in a vanilla instance ? 


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This is only happening for this page,


Here is what happened:

- It looks like someone deleted the page and tried to roll it down again, but, because the page was deleted, the live level URL was no longer available.


-To fix the issue, I copied the page and posted it at the live level, then I re-established live relationship.


-After applying the fix above, I was able to roll down the page to the live level but I am now seeing duplicate URL for that page


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It looks like the value cq:LiveSyncConfig found under jcq:content is what causing duplicate URLs to show up during the Rollout 


In most cases, Deleting cq:LiveSyncConfig seems to have eliminated the duplicate URL issue and LiveCopy relationship is mentioned 


In some cases however, deleting cq:LiveSyncConfig is eliminating the duplicate urls but also, it is causing the child to loose connection with parent page, I am losing live copy sync to blueprint at the child level when I delete cq:LiveSyncConfig. That being said, when I recreate node cq:LiveSyncConfig again, it is helping to re-sync live copy to Blueprint but I am also getting duplicate URLs to show up ! 


Any thoughts?