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Drop down values selected in classic dialog doesn't show same value in touch ui dialog


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Hi Team,

We have created a Classic UI Dialog and Touch UI Dialog with a drop down widget which displays dynamic values. We have used optionsProvider property for populating these values in classic ui and datasource in touch ui (followed https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/using/dialog_fields_servlets.html).

This works fine; However, after we select the drop down value in Classic ui and open the dialog in touch ui mode, touch ui dialog does not show the selected value in classic ui dialog. Same is the case when we try to save the value in touch ui dialog and open classic ui dialog. Moreover, irrespective of the fact selected values getting saved in page's component node, these dialogs not able to pick the value from the saved property when saved in other dialog mode. 

Is this happening because of listeners since I am able to fetch the drop down value in other component with static values ?

Please help me with this issue.


~Thank you in advance

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Correct -- that article you referenced was for Classic UI - because it works for Classic does not mean it will work for Touch UI. You need to create app logic for the Touch UI. 



Adding one more reference here :- http://adobeaemclub.com/touch-ui-dynamic-selection-of-multiple-drop-downs-in-aem-6-1/

// Touch UI dynamic selection of multiple drop downs in AEM

I hope this will also help you.


Kautuk Sahni