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Dispatcher Flush Agent on Publish instance - 403 Forbidden


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I have a requirement to setup Dispatcher Flush Agent on Publish instance. For that, I created the dispatcher flush agent on Author instance under "Agents on Publish" and activated it. When I go to Publish instance and hit "Test Connection", I see this error: You don't have permission to access /dispatcher/invalidate.cache

At the same time, I see an error in dispatcher.log "[x.x.x.x.] - Client denied by server configuration". (where x.x.x.x is Publisher IP address). That said, I have already specified Publisher IP address in dispatcher.any under "allowedClients" as below:

/allowedClients {
      /0000 { /type "deny" /glob "*" }
      /0001 { /type "allow" /glob "x.x.x.x" }

I have also confirmed that Dispatcher is reachable by Publisher and there are no network issues between these.

Thanks, Pankaj

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