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Developing On AEM 6.4 And Deploying to AEM 6.0 - Is It possible ?


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Hi All,

I'd like to post you ( the forum ) a question.

I'm trying to develope a few components using AEM 6.4 version ( more features with respect to previous versions ) and I'd like to use and deploy a such components ( say aAem contents ) on AEM 6.0 Publish Instance since in our server it is the Aem that is running.

Are the above versions compatible ?

Is it poossible to do that ?

Thanks All



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This is not possible due to changes in dependencies and other lib changes. This should never be attempted. Best practice is AUTHOR and PUB should always be the same version.


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6.4 is backward compatible to a limited extent only. The OAK API/Sling API/other OOB library versions have modified hence, you'd run into a lot of issues.

Per my knowledge, its not a good approach to proceed with. You should set another AEM 6.0 with non-prod license.

FYI- 6.0 has crossed EOL.


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Why do you update only the author and not the publish instances?

To answer your question: It's not supported. It might work, but with some high probability you might run into issues you cannot resolve easily, and also support won't be able to help you. Not to mention issues you'll already have at deployment time (e.g. bundles with non-resolved dependencies).