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devedge.day.com , dev.day.com calls on page requests


Level 7

I am seeing devedge.day.com, dev.day.com requests while a page is loading.

My team wants to cut down the page load time and need to know are these calls are required ? If not, how could I disable these calls ?

Environment: AEM 6.3, FYI : In AEM 6.1, did not see these requests on Gomez tool.

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Level 10

Do this occur when page loads out of the TOuch UI environment- ie -


I have never seen this call - can you post a screenshot where you are seeing this message.


Level 9

Hi @sreenu539,

It is beacon & part of legal aem licence you are bound to use it & not to be avoid.  It will not cause performance issue.    File a support case to get an exception & they will provide steps to disable it.




Can you let us know how to reproduce this? On WeRetail's (AEM 6.3) I am not seeing such requests.

Kautuk Sahni