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Desktop App - Downloaded local files - what to do with them?


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Hi Community,


do you have a workaround for the local files that you have downloaded locally with the AEM Desktop App and have finished editing?


Can I delete the local files using the app or a command? (I haven't found anything)
A lot of fine data accumulates locally and the default setting of 10GB can quickly be full, or the storage can fill up(30-40GB).


For me, there is a potential for mistakes (if this is the case) when we work with files in a team.
Example - colleague A finishes a file on Monday and uploads it to the DAM.
On Tuesday, a correction is made to the file, but by colleague B from the DAM(!).
So I have two files from one job in my office, but two different statuses.

And on Wednesday, colleague A comes back and uses his local file from Monday to continue working on the job(?)
Or not? We are slowly starting to work with the AEM desktop app in our team.


Thanks for your input.


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I think the AEM Desktop App does not provide a built-in feature to delete local files directly through the app or via a command. However, you can manually delete the local files from your system using your file manager or command line interface.

Esteban Bustamante


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Hi @Frank0 


For the issue to avoid editing conflicts, you can refer to the best practices documented here - - https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-desktop-app/using/using.html?lang=en#adv-...


Also I think you could use the clear cache from preferences to delete local files -