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Deploying to AEM as a Cloud Service by Adobe Docs


The fundamentals of code development are similar in AEM as a Cloud Service compared to the AEM On Premise and Managed Services solutions. Developers write code and test it locally, which is then pushed to remote AEM as a Cloud Service environments. Cloud Manager, which was an optional content delivery tool for Managed Services, is required. This is now the sole mechanism for deploying code to AEM as a Cloud Service environments.
The update of the AEM version is always a separate deployment event from pushing custom code. Viewed in another way, custom code releases should be tested against the AEM version that is on production since that is what it will be deployed on top of. AEM version updates that happen after that, which will be frequent when compared to Managed Services today, are automatically applied. They are intended to be backwards compatible with the customer code already deployed.

AEM version updates
It is key to understand that AEM will be updated frequently, potentially as often as once a day, and will focus on bug fixes and performance enhancements. The update will happen transparently and without causing downtime. The update is intended to be backwards compatible meaning you should not need to modify custom code. In fact, AEM updates are independent events from customer code deployments.

Customer Releases
Coding against the right AEM version
For previous AEM solutions, the most current AEM version changed infrequently (roughly annually with quarterly service packs) and customers would update the production instances to the latest quickstart on their own time, referencing the API Jar. However, AEM as a Cloud Service applications are automatically updated to the latest version of AEM more often, so custom code for internal releases should be built against those newer AEM interfaces.

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Deploying to AEM as a Cloud Service


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