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Debugging Adobe IO Actions in VS Code by AEM Queries & Solutions


Todays lets understand how we can debug the Adobe IO actions using VS code and openwhisk.

1. Install wskdebug

npm install -g @adobe/wskdebug
2. Setup the Docker locally. You can download it from https://docs.docker.com/docker-for-windows/install/ and once restart your system after installation.

3. Now we need create the Adobe IO’s image locally to execute out actions. Use below command to create your local image in docker:

wskdebug --inspect-brk=11932   -l

Now lets setup our VS Code to access this image and start our debugging:
1. Open VS Code.
2. Go to debug section on left.
3. Click on create launch.json (Selecting Node.js preview)
4. Now add the below configuration to the created launch .json file.

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Debugging Adobe IO Actions in VS Code


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