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Debug Adobe Launch on Any Browsers with Charles | AEM Community Blog Seeding




Debug Adobe Launch on Any Browsers with Charles by Sam Kutscha


When managing code with Adobe Launch, it’s critical to be able to test changes before publishing. To make sure changes work as expected in a production environment, it’s helpful change the Launch library, allowing you to see how your dev or stage library will work on your production site. There are some great tools like Launch Switch available from Search Discovery (available here). The downside is that these tools are only available on Google Chrome. That means you can’t test on other browsers like Safari, IE, Firefox, or others.

Charles is powerful software that can monitor and manipulate all of the internet activity of your computer. Using this functionality, we can change the content of your sites pages on your computer on the fly to request different Launch libraries, allowing you to test any library on your production site. Unless you are a developer wizard, Charles can be difficult to learn, so here are step-by-step instructions.

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Debug Adobe Launch on Any Browsers with Charles


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