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Date-picker in multifield not displaying the value selected from calendar.


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I am working on AEM 6.3 SP1 CFP2, and I have added date-picker in multifield (in a component) that appears in the page-properties of a page.

For the first time, i am able to author it properly and it display correct date selected from calendar but, when i open page-properties again and try to change the date from the calendar that pops out, it does not changes. But on saving, the selected date gets updated at the node and hence displays correct date on re-opening the page-properties.

It does not display the date selected from the calendar at the time of authoring.


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Do you see the same behavior on the latest CFP/SP?


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Thanks for responding Jaideep.

I haven't tried with the latest service pack. But, it is working fine with AEM or .

Upgrading to the latest SP will increase overhead as i am working with a complex site. If i can get any work around for SP1 CPF2, that will be much helpful.


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Just make sure you are using coral3 UI properly. Sling:resource type seems old one. but not sure, you may want to cross verify.

DatePicker — Granite UI 1.0 documentation