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data-sly-call parameter is null?


Level 7

I have the following in my template

<sly data-sly-call="${slideMenu @ menuItem=model.menuPage, iconTpl=iconTpl, parentName=null}"></sly>

and IntelliJ complains  with unresolved reference is null.


the template signature is

<template data-sly-template.slideMenu="${ @ menuItem, iconTpl, parentName}"> 

Can someone suggest how to solve this? 

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Community Advisor

Hi @anasustic ,


Did you try compiling it & install it in AEM? 

Is your build failing because of this.?

Check how it's showing on your HTML page. Intellij may not understand AEM HTL.


Understanding template & call:
data-sly-template: Defines a template. The host element and its content are not output by HTL.
data-sly-call: Calls a template defined with data-sly-template. The content of the called template (optionally parameterized) replaces the content of the host element of the call.


Use this Syntax & try again. Let us know!

<sly data-sly-use.teaser="com.example.TeaserComponent" data-sly-use.teaserTemplates="teaser-templates.html">
  <sly data-sly-call="${teaserTemplates.teaserSmall @ teaserModel=teaser}"></sly>




Aditya Chabuku


Level 7

Thanks for your reply.

The build is not failing because of it. IntelliJ is complaining about it.

Thanks for the syntax but I need this parameter to be null and would like to write the statement so that IntelliJ does not complain about it.