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DAM Path Shortening


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We need to shorten some DAM PDF url in our website.




if PDF Path is:



on page, whether is a href or img src, It should display like /Documents/mydoc.pdf


Added rule as below in Sling Resource Resolver Factory:





When I try to check if it maps to right url, it looks all good.




However, It does not shorten PDF urls on the Pages, whereas all rewrite rules for Pages work fine.


1) Do we need to write custom sling rewriter to handle this scenario?


2) Something is missing out here?




FYI:@arunpatidar  @ AvinashGupta01 @kautuk_sahni ,


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@SantoshSai  Thanks a lot for your time.


I went through above shared link and I found only this part for DAM assets. 

Does it mean that we need to write something custom to shorten dam urls in our website? like Rewriter , transformer factory etc?






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hello @arvind 


As suggest on the link shared by @SantoshSai .

The URL shortening can also be achieved by using "dispatcher" + "Sling Mappings"


Dispatcher can take care of the URL rewites:

  • Shortening URLs, if user enters full URL
  • Converting short to long URLs based on vhost configs 


The Sling mappings would take care of URL shortening in the content section.


Explanation also available on: https://helpx.adobe.com/ro/experience-manager/kb/multi-domain-management-aem-mappings-for-url-shorte...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ_cXcAE7G8 It shows step-by-step how each config enhances the overall solution

Aanchal Sikka


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Hi @aanchal-sikka ,


Very thanks for sharing these info.


As I stated earlier, We have done same things ....Dispatcher plus sling mapping, It all works as expected.



Only issue is with DAM URL like.../content/dam/....... It does not shorten URLs like it is doing for Page urls.


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Hi @arvind ,

I see it has been a while since there is any activity on this post but did you manage to find any solution to dam URL re-write other than using the custom link transformers ?