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Custom Rollout config called when not selected while rolling out the page


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Hi All,


I have created a custom rollout config, but its getting called even when I have not selected it while rolling out the page. Can some one tell what am I missing


@component(immediate = true, service = LiveActionFactory.class, property = {
LiveActionFactory.LIVE_ACTION_NAME + "=" + SiteReferencesUpdateActionFactory.LIVE_ACTION_CLASS_NAME,
LiveActionFactory.LIVE_ACTION_NAME + "=" + SiteReferencesUpdateActionFactory.LIVE_ACTION_NAME })
public class SiteReferencesUpdateActionFactory extends BaseActionFactory<BaseAction> {
public static final String LIVE_ACTION_CLASS_NAME = "SiteReferencesUpdateAction";
public static final String LIVE_ACTION_NAME = "linkUpdate";

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Hi @Bimmi_Soi 

   what is the name of your liveaction which you have included in custom rollout config? is it referencesUpdate?