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Custom Replication Agent Alternative in AEMaaCS


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We have a custom replication agent running on publish which uses custom content builder and transport handler mechanism to process the page data and push to external applications. We are in the process of migrating from on-prem based setup to cloud based setup for AEM.

As per the AEMaaCS documentation, the custom replication agent is not supported in AEMaaCS setup.

I just wanted to understand, what are the alternatives available for custom content builder and transport handler approach in AEMaaCS?

We are thinking of moving our custom content builder and transport handler based code into AEM workflows on author side for doing data processing (a custom process setup) but do you have any suggestions to handle this in publish environment?

Can we use Apache Sling Distribution Trigger - Scheduled Triggers Factory - a JCR event based trigger service on publish to process the data?

Environment : AEM 6.5 SaaS

Thank you in advance.

- Sumit Kulkarni



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Hello @sumeet_kul 


Please refer to the Blog https://blog.developer.adobe.com/reimagining-replication-agents-on-aem-as-a-cloud-service-a4437b7eeb...


The suggestion is to:

- Convert from a Push to Pull model: This eliminates custom code from AEM and ensures that the external system will get the latest content available from the CDN based on TTLs and caching strategies put in place.

- I/O Events integration for Push Model


Aanchal Sikka


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Thank you for the response.

I have already seen this documentation and will require POC to be carried out to handle our use case. We just do not push the page data as-is to external systems, but do some additional content processing. I am looking for an already implemented approach which can be evaluated for our use case.



Sumit Kulkarni