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Custom Page Exporter


Level 5

I need to export page with this folder structure

+ index.html

+ css(folder)

    -.css files

+ js(folder)

    -.js files

The Page Exporter

I'm currently having this file structure








and the css and js file aren't working after export.

Currect ContentSync setting


Can someone please walk me thru this? thanks

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Level 8

What error you are getting ? are you getting 404 error? or did css and js files are downloaded?

When you open a page in the web browser, if you see 404  error for css and js then I think you need to configure rewrite paths. please check below link

The Page Exporter

Mobile with Content Sync


Level 5

Hello! Thanks for answering.

Yes I have read those documentations. But it isn't clear enough (for me) and lacks examples..

I'm getting no errors. i can successfully download. But the zip doesn't meet my requirement.

Problem1 - In the zip, my css and js files doesn't seem to apply (tho exported).
Problem2 - the exported zip doesn't met my folder structure requirement.

If know how to configure please do share. I'm having head aches thanks!