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Custom Implementation of RTE plugin issues, not able to remove custom behavior.


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Hi Community.

I am working in a specific implementation of a new RTE plugin, but I found that when trying to remove the custom implementation let´s say JavaScripts files, custom clientlibs etc, the RTE keeps showing that custom implementation also I checked the JCR, libs folder from top to bottom when I removed it, and I didn´t find nothing related to my custom implementation, then I don´t know where or why the RTE is keeping my custom functionality after removing files. 


Thanks in advance for the help.

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Hi @DennisBonillaR ,


If you remove the Js file ensure that it has been removed from js.txt also.

Did you tried to debug the clientlibs and check if the codes are still there ?

Also try to remove the cache and check again.


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Hi Prasadkt,


I removed the complete folder component, I was creating a custom RTE component also with clientlibs for the new custom RTE functionality but despite of the fact I removed everything and made the build again, the functionality still present and I am not sure where is coming from, it is happening in my local instance.


I really appreciate any help on this to get the root cause.



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It could be the caching issue, check browser and AEM cacahing, try to rebuild clientlibs


Arun Patidar